Saturday, October 27, 2007

towncar or no towncar?

so last night was a freaking blast. jana came over, we had a glass of wine and then headed out to the mission where flavia was. we ended up going to brunos which was super fucking cool. AWESOME dj and the people there were cool. cant beat it. although i'm broke as hell, it still was a good time. but a ghost spilt my first drink, girls had free drinks for a lot of the night, which is really unusual for me. i just cant have guys buy me drinks. some girls, a lot of them my friends, can walk up to a guy and BAM. they have free drinks all night long. it never works out like that for me, some nights are exceptions. but i'm not complaining. so anyways, me and jana left brunos and went to majual (sp) down the street. it was like 1:15 and we got in for free, thank god. so we hung out there for a hot minute. it was pretty lamo, but whatever. so were on the street chatting and i go to hail a cab back to my apartment when i see this towncar. i couldnt see anyone in the back because of the tinted windows, but i walked up to the side passenger door and ask for a ride home. he was totally cool and i got in the back, VIP style, and we headed off. so were driving and talking and he looked at me and said "why dont you get up here and we can pick some more people up." im totally down. i climb to the front and we stop at this bar with like a million people outside. some guy with 2 chicks knocks on the window and asks for a ride back to their hotel. they get in the back and they hear the drivers accent (french arabic) and they ask me where i'm from. i dont say anything and they immediately think north africa..or nigeria. ok, why not. so i go along with it and they keep trying to ask me all these damn the way, i officially feel really bad for foreigners in the states. all these damn questions. i try and put on an accent and tell them me and the driver have been dating for 2yrs and that we had our friday night date in the towncar picking up people. the driver now wants us all to go to an afterparty and we agree. we go to one and the cover is like 30 bucks. fuck that. i'm broke. so we leave and take those drunk people back to their hotel. BTW, one of the girls that was in the back was the roommate of a guy that was obsessed with jana earlier in the night. funny shit. small world. so anyways, we drop them off and decide we should go to a cafe downtown by my house. super good food. then we leave and smoke a joint in front of my apartment-can you believe it: THERE WAS ACTUALLY PARKING IN FRONT OF MY APARTMENT? that never happens. so its now like 4:30. he drives away and i go to bed. great fucking night. here's the driver:

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so i woke up late as hell. thanks to flavia for calling me and waking me up. i could have slept till 2. i've been kind of depressed..well, more like down in the dumps all day..sometimes i get confused about all the stupid stuff.

oh, here's a pic i found of aaron and myself.
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