Thursday, November 1, 2007

burnt out.

so its been a few days since i wrote in this blog. much has happened, kind of. saturday me, flavia, jana and flavias friends all went to a halloween party. it was pretty great. all kinds of new people and free booze for a portion of the night. cant beat it. i really needed a good houseparty.

other than that, i've been cooped(sp) up in my house since sunday. i have been more unproductive in the past week than i have been in my whole life. its almost depressing. ive been sleeping till noon or later, which i NEVER do. ive always felt bad getting up past 10 or 11. and im always tired. i know what i need to do: get a job. i want to go to agent provocateur sometime realllll soon and try for a job. i love that store so much. i dont care if they pay squat. what girl couldnt use amazing lingerie with a discount(hopefully)?

i was doing homework really late last night and noticed a towncar outside with a man waving at me. it was my driver from friday!!! i couldnt fucking believe it. so i went downstairs to say hi and he offered to smoke me out. so i took it. but then ryan called and was in my apartment. so i had to end it. BUT he gave me a joint for later which i am about to smoke with my neighbor.

i'll report back soon!