Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my stomach hurts..

dima and some fellow classmates told me last week that i probably have ulsers. i'm really starting to believe it. apparently theyre stress induced. wow, i'm under some stress. my back hurts, too. i always get scared when my back unexplainably hurts. when i was 16 i had to go the hospital for a week because my kidneys were so fucked up. i'm officially scared now.

anyways, jana came over last night. we watched bridget jones's diary and heard some crackhead/drunk throw things in the middle of the street. a BUSY street. fucking asshole. i wanted to call the po-po's but i didnt think theyd care. i think the guy was just pissed off at the world. i seen a bum on 2nd street with a forty passed out and his pants to his knees. his ass was so chaffed that i was actually scared for him. a guy in my class today was telling me about some bum outside of starbucks at 8am pooping. well, he was first screaming at the sky and then bent over and pulled down his pants and started to shoot out diahrea from his ass. wow, i'm not sad i missed that. gotta love SF just for the crazy bum stunts.

everytime i walk into that bookarts class i want to shoot myself. literally, commit fucking suicide. i dont know why. its crazy and i dont feel that way about ANYWHERE else. just whenever i walk into the class i start to tear up. weird, i know.

so i google imaged "FUCK" earlier today and this is what came up:
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i get to go to the nike video premier and afterparty with diego tomorrow night!! im so f'ing excited. BUT when i was home over the wknd, i left my fav nike's at sarah's parents house. and i went to pick em up on the way to the airport and they got transported across the world (well, more like across town). so now i have a nike party to go to and i cant wear my favorite nikes! ahhhhh.

want to buy me these?

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theyve been sold out since the beginning of time. you get me these and i'm a sure thing. ;)

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