Friday, October 26, 2007

poor diego and his backpack.

well, i spent the entire latter part of the day stuck in SF traffic. fucking christ. diego crashed at my pad last night and we woke up at like 12, i was hungover. i think its just the beer that gets me. cuz i really didnt get that drunk last night. i was mostly just buzzed the entire evening. it was fun though. we missed the nike premier, but we got to the afterparty. i met a lot of really cool people and it was fun hanging with new people. cant beat it. too bad all of em live in sac. oh, well. the city was kind of dead though. we went to some place at 16th and mission, forgot what it was called. but it was fun and then we jumped around. one of the guys we were with was propositioned 300 bucks or something to have sex with some really young girl in the back of this limo. i guess nothing happened and they just made out. wtf. i had to get this straight, he was in a limo with one drunk (i think) girl and NOTHING happened. it seems quite impossible. before even going out i spent like 2 hours researching sade music. i sat on youtube and watched EVERY live appearance and music video. it was great. my mom always listened to her and it mustof grew on me. its so freaking romantic.

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anyways, today we woke up and had to fetch diegos car in the mission. but we just found out the bag with his sneakers, clothes and board were stollen from his car. not good. but we kind of expected SOMETHING to happen. too bad. i hate stealers. so we went to berkley and had chipotle, test drove a land rover and got stuck in traffic coming across the bridge and downtown for over an hour. ughhhhh. now, i'm headed out with jana and hopefully flavia. we'll see what happens....

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